Auto Link Announces Patent Filing


NEW ORLEANS, LA. — Auto Link announced today that the company has filed with the US Patent & Trademark Office for a patent that covers the ability to seamlessly embed a third party, white-label website into a host website. The normal method of embedding a third-party web content into a host website is using an iFrame. However this method is not seamless and introduces several inconveniences and difficulties for the end-user, as well as obvious visual cues indicating the content is from a third party.

The patent application is for a system and method that, among other things, places all the typical auto research, buying, and financing tools seamlessly on the Credit Union's website and out of the view of the internet advertising companies such that the Credit Union may be competitive in the auto lending market and achieve its mission of enhancing the financial wellbeing of its members.

The internet has caused a significant paradigm shift in how consumers research, buy, and finance vehicles. A typical consumer today will spend ten or more hours online researching prior to buying a vehicle. Consumers are bombarded with auto loan and finance options while performing this research, and many of these finance options come with instantaneous approval. Additionally, cookies from various automobile research sites are placed on the consumer's internet device, which further instructs banners on webpages how to gear their ads. As a result, the majority of auto loans are now made via the internet and at auto dealerships where the financing and auto protection products are not as consumer friendly as they would be at a Credit Union.

“The internet is here, it's real, and consumers are increasingly using the internet for shopping for everything from clothes, to homes and cars,” said Auto Link CEO Edward Bourgeois. Bourgeois said this patent is a step towards preventing credit unions with more limited resources than big fin-tech companies from going the way of organizations like Blockbuster that refused to embrace new technologies.

“As a technology and marketing company, with a specific goal of keeping Credit Union's relevant and competitive in the auto finance space, we are excited to be able to quickly and seamlessly bring our patent pending Auto Link Solution to credit union's nationwide; guaranteeing their member-owned competitive advantage will survive and thrive in the new auto lending paradigm,” said Bourgeois.

About Auto Link
Auto Link offers a best in class solution for credit unions of all sizes looking to have a more successful and profitable auto-lending program, including those that do indirect auto financing. Auto Link provides a complete auto lending solution from web interface, marketing library, social media portal, training tools and analytics to a built-in loyalty feature. Each member that finances a vehicle at an Auto Link credit union, automatically receives a myEZ Car Care membership filled with discounts at over 10,000 locations nationwide and an Electronic Glove Box® desktop and mobile app.


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